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Learning To Dad with Tyler Ross

Jun 3, 2019

Mark Winkler values a big way. He is a Family Advocate through his non-profit organization, Manhood Camp; providing "life-skills programs & community service opportunities that encourage young men in the L.A. region to be well-rounded, healthy, and productive citizens." Mark is also the co-founder of Fatherhood Circle, a monthly support group for fathers; a new component of Manhood Camp. In addition to the non-profit, he has recently published his first book, "My Daughter's Keeper," which is scheduled for release on June 28, 2019. "My Daughter's Keeper illustrates the strong and unconditional love of a father for his daughter. 

In each episode of Learning to Dad with Tyler Ross, Tyler pulls lessons, tools and experiences from his guests, high achieving professionals (investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes, etc) who've managed to find balance between their personal pursuits and being a thoughtful, deliberate father and partner.

In these long form interviews, guests provide the listeners the value of their experiences, from taking professional risks to how they pivoted their professional approach after starting a family. Stories of successes and failures, personal losses and gains, stories of how to be good and great.